Rodel v1.96: Single User New License

Rodel v1.96: Single User New License

RODEL v1.96 is a powerful, accurate, and efficient tool designed to allow the engineer to understand operational effects of different geometries and their impacts on performance. The program provides accurate capacity and delay analysis data to assist the engineer in finding a comprehensive solution for a given set of problems.



After downloading the Rodel demo, you will be able to activate the full version by purchasing a full license. Once payment is received a license will be e-mailed to the user address provided at checkout. The trial version of Rodel can be used during this time assuming your trial period has not expired. If your trial has expired, feel free to contact Rodel customer support to discuss options for continued use until payment is received.

Rodel offers a 20 percent discounted price of $1,120 per license for orders of 2-5 licenses.

If you have issues with payment or would like to discuss bulk purchasing (6 or more licenses), please contact Rodel through our Contact Page.