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Rodel has undergone major improvements and upgrades to include many new features and advancements, such as calibration options, economic benefit and costs analysis, safety prediction, pedestrian modeling, and other features specific to U.S. and Canadian applications, such as Peak Hour Factor, Right Hand Drive, and HCM based modeling.

Key features and benefits include:

    • Robust capacity analysis for all types of roundabouts, from mini-roundabouts, to single-lane, to complex multi-lane designs including modeling of "Full" and "Partial" bypass lanes
      Engineered for flexibility, allowing for accurate capacity estimations on any roundabout regardless of complexity. Rodel's advanced tools allow for modeling complex design features, including flared width entries and spiral geometry/lane marking.

    • Facilitates rapid exploration of the design space to assist the engineer in the derivation of geometric layouts to meet project objectives
      Generation of geometry prior to drawing, rather than simply checking designs after they have been drawn. Rodel allows the designer to explore potential alternatives to more efficiently arrive at viable traffic engineering solutions.
    • Modeling of closely spaced and series of roundabouts
      Easy transfer of exit flow data from one design to entry flows for the next downstream roundabout.
    • Sensitivity analysis to check for potential capacity deficiencies
    • Capacity derivation that explicitly accounts for variation in driver behavior
    • Planning Level analysis and Final Design analysis features
    • Facilitates principle based design consistent with FHWA Roundabout Guide 2010 (NCHRP 672)


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