1. What is Rodel?
  2. Who uses Rodel?
  3. How do I download Rodel?
  4. How do I install Rodel?
  5. How do I get a pass code to unlock Rodel?
  6. How do I upgrade to Rodel v1.96?
  7. Why haven't I received an order confirmation e-mail?
  8. Can I import my RODEL v1.88 projects into Rodel v1.96?


What is Rodel?

Rodel is a fully interactive deterministic Roundabout Specific Operational Analysis Program. It is based on equations and models developed through some of the most comprehensive research in the field of roundabout analysis and design, and includes both its native geometric model and HCM 2010 and the HCM6 update.


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Who uses Rodel?

Rodel is used by traffic engineers across many agencies, consulting firms, and researchers.


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How do I download Rodel?

Rodel v1.96 can be downloaded via a free trial license. The product must be added to your cart and an account must be created to obtain a download link. Once you have created an account and completed your order, you will receive an e-mail at the address provided containing a download link. Click the download link to obtain an executable (EXE) file of Rodel v1.96.

After installing the program you will be required to enter a passcode. Simply e-mail your PCID number (presented on the passcode entry screen) to support (at) or send via our contact page and a passcode will be sent to you in reply. If you have not yet purchased a full license, a trial code will be sent to you that will activate the software for 30 days. If you have purchased a license you will receive a full license code.


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How do I install Rodel?

Download the Rodel v1.96 trial version. Once the file has downloaded simply run the executable and follow the instructions given. If you have an existing Rodel v1.96 installation it will be updated in place to the version downloaded.


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How do I get a pass code to unlock Rodel?

Pass codes are available by e-mailing the PCID number displayed at launch to support (at) or sending via our contact page. The PCID is a unique code generated when Rodel is run. If you would like a pass code to permanently unlock Rodel you will need to purchase a license. 30-day trial pass codes are also available to any user wishing to test the software.


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How do I upgrade to Rodel v1.96?

Download the RodelSetup.exe executable and run the program to install Rodel v1.96. Once the installation has completed you will be able to enter your license information to activate the full version.

Follow the instructions above to import old projects from previous versions of Rodel.


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Why haven't I received an order confirmation e-mail?

Order confirmation e-mails should be sent immediately after completing the checkout process for Rodel v1.96. If your confirmation e-mail does not show up in your inbox, please contact us.


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Can I import my RODEL v1.88 projects into Rodel v1.96?

Yes. Once Rodel v1.96 is installed follow these steps:

  1. Launch Rodel v1.96 and select "Import..." from the file menu or icon bar.
  2. Use the dialog box to navigate to your Rodel v1.88 "FILES" directory (usually C:/RODEL/FILES)
  3. Select the "RODNAMES.SF" file from the "FILES" directory
  4. Select which project you would like to import from the window listing all available v1.88 files.
  5. Select whether the files are Left Hand Drive or Right Hand Drive and click "Import"
  6. Be sure to verify that all information was imported accurately

Note: The "RODNAMES.SF" file is merely a reference to the RODEL data files contained within the "FILES" directory. The "RODNAMES.SF" file must be located in the same directory as the RODEL v1.88 data files in order to be imported into Rodel v1.96.


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